Protecting your Assets with Insurance and Financial Strategies

Planning for your financial future and retirement are increasingly important as we live longer and pensions become an idea from the past.  If you are not looking to the future, now is as good time as any to start planning as well as protecting what you have.  Insurance and financial coaching are important areas in managing and protecting wealth.


Insurance protects things as well as lives and a thorough insurance review every year is a simple way to keep the insurance current and maximizing your protection.  Liability limits on autos and homes, umbrella policies, life insurance policies for income and burial expenses are all a part of the insurance protection needed.  Often, people will make major improvements on their homes, purchase a major piece of jewelry, or have rental properties, these are all areas where coverage may be overlooked and an unnecessary exposure is produced.  Talk to your insurance professional and educate yourself on your potential liabilities so you are adequately protected. 


Financial coaching is another area needed so you understand what you can do with your money.   Consider an independent financial coach who can help you assess your risk tolerance and balance the growth of your money.  An independent financial advisor or coach is not beholden to selling a company’s products, they are beholden to their clients and their client’s wealth management. 


Unfortunately we live in a time when legal action can be taken when in the past it would not have been considered.  If you are sued, all of your assets are on the line, your home, your retirement, your assets, think about what you can do to protect them.  Have the conversation with you insurance and financial professional to discuss your exposure and how to insure against loss. 


Asset protection is an important part of our lives.  Taking the time for quarterly or annual maintenance can save your wealth in the long run.  Consider taking the time to start today and give it some attention.  

07 Jul 2015

By Alice Kramer