Personal Assistant / Gatekeeper / Communications Director


$41,600 to $62,400 starting annual salary range (plus overtime) including benefits of: bonuses, PTO, full medical, relocation, vehicle reimbursement, travel, entertainment expense account, phone, daily meals and snacks, etc. Applicants must have a background / education / degree in Business or Communications or as an Executive Assistant. Below lies a basic list of desired applicant qualities: Personality traits: -Have a “shining” personality that others enjoy and also commands respect. -Possess a positive attitude and willingness to work M – F, an occasional Sat AM if needed while being on call for information and details as needed, and no Sundays ever. -Able to handle several hundred (300 – 500) communications daily – phone, email, text, radio, associate needs, and business transactions. -Works well alongside of others with a Partnership mindset. -Enjoy performing tasks right, thoroughly, and in a disciplined manner. -Be open to new experiences, conscientious in ones’ work, be a people person, agreeable, and always seeking satisfactory ends towards those working with. Character attributes: -Be a virtuous person of the highest moral, ethical, and character standards. -Able to communicate clearly, concisely, and efficiently. -Confident in one’s own ability and quality of work – which is Communications. -Be highly organized, detail oriented, and a forward thinking mentality -Be highly competitive and assertive, while able to collaborate with others towards a common goal. Experience / Skills / Background: Strengths: -Possess and maintain absolute confidentiality with sensitive information. -Comfortable with working directly beside Co. Executive. -Willing to sign Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements. -Must be fit, active, and able to move quickly throughout the day. The role demands constant activity and movement. -Present well and professionally, think as an ambassador, and be determined / competitive -Work well with others and also for Leader’s success and objective attainment. -Love juggling, changing “hats” often, and have a “boots on the ground” mentality. -Be hard working, high energy, driven, and a person of ambition and goals. -Possess strong mathematical, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning skills. -Love learning, very flexible, and willing to meet others “where they are” -Think in terms of trade-offs choosing which option at hand offers the best economic advantage. -Be very detail oriented, have strong situational awareness, and think both short and long term simultaneously. Responsibilities / Expectations: -Assist in Managing all Communications in the most confidential manner, ensuring information is shared with internal and external individuals in an appropriate manner. -Must be willing and happy to work directly alongside of Co Executive the entire day – managing all in and outbound communications. -Acts / represents as liaison to customers and associates in needed times on behalf of Company President. -Accept other projects, duties, and responsibilities as deemed necessary. -Reviewing and analyzing data, researching information, and presenting the findings. -No two days will be the same – planning, design, admin, customers, travel, product development, professional consulting, sales, advertising / branding / marketing, research, etc. Next steps: -Include with resume: a brief, role specific, cover letter explaining why you believe you’d be a strong fit for this position and any social media URLs including but not limited to Linkedin, Facebook, etc. -Send a custom resume in confidence to the email provided.


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