Housing or Roommate Wanted


I am looking for a room to rent where I will have use of a kitchen and bathroom and, preferably, a washer & dryer hookup. I have my own TV, bed, kitchen utensils and other limited furnishings. I utilize the city bus system, so it is imperative that I have a location on or near bus routes. I require an environment which is drug, weapon and gun free. I have a steady income and can afford to pay $450 per month, including utilities except cable tv. I can provide references from family, friends and professional contacts, upon request. I am a mature, single gay man and a lifelong resident of Columbus. I have no pets, but I enjoy both cats and dogs. Although I am a formerly incarcerated drug offender, I have no criminal history of any violence (guns or weapons), no sex offenses, no arson nor any domestic violence offenses. Further, I have a strong commitment to my recovery and attend weekly meetings, as is evidenced by my 6 1/2 years of sobriety. I have no physical or mental impairments and I pride myself on being a very neat and clean individual. I value my privacy and individuality and live a balanced life. My interests include watching TV, classic movies, walking, crossword puzzles, playing cards, Scrabble, listening to classic rock music, going to thrift stores, cooking and cleaning. I look forward to a bright future and to sharing it with my LGBTQ peers and community. Please contact Chris at skeenchristopher57@gmail.com or 614-900-5648



Phone: 614-900-5648