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Scott, our director has spent the last 16 years operating with one mission statement. “That “Art is symbiotic”, in this, I seek to open the door to your soul, capture the light, share the darkness. I will expose my vision at it's deepest roots. I seek to expose my soul to the world, sharing all that I am. Nebuleux, "The Clouded Soul" is the idea that our soul influences everything in our work. In that, there is no limit to what one can achieve. From my eye to my camera, I seek to inspire, bewilder and awe”. In Photography, we have a heavy emphasis on expression and the impact of the world on a subject. While our portfolio may contain other styles, we focus on Modeling, Dark Fashion, Metaphysical, Cosplay, the Expressive and of course the Artistic. In Photo/Video Services we offer a variety of services from event coverage and model sessions, to weddings and of course, we sell prints from our adventures. Our Founder, Scott is also a Wedding Officiant for Ohio and he would be happy to perform your ceremony.


Delaware, Ohio 43015
United States

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