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Has your child or teen come out to you, and is also struggling at school? Families and youth dealing with LGBTQ issues need educated understanding, competence, and advocacy to fulfill all that they deserve in their personal, spiritual and professional lives. My practice his here to help. I am an Ohio Board Licensed School Psychologist with years of experience working with multicultural and LGBTQ populations in public schools. I have also been a high school administrator, school social worker and guidance counselor. I am proud and thrilled to be part of a well-respected, established practice, Jolie S. Brams Ph.D. and Associates, that has been serving the diverse needs of the Columbus community for over 35 years. Gay (or LBTQ) children, teens and their families need competent and compassionate assistance. Unfortunately, these children and families face unique challenges including: ● Developing self-confidence and a strong identity ● Creating appropriate and supportive peer groups ● Feeling loved in accepting, functional, and happy families ● Having advocacy at school regarding bullying and other forms of rejection ● Considering their personal and educational futures ● Clarifying concerns and questions that can be painful or challenging ● Diagnosing any other difficulties that may disrupt the child’s adjustment, even separate from LBTQ issues My practice is focused on providing caring and skilled counseling, consultation, and evaluation services. It is a “whole child” approach which recognizes the unique interactions between the young person’s innate traits, school and home environment, and relationships.


Jolie S. Brams, PhD and Associates
985-B Bethel Rd.
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  • Individual and family counseling
  • Consultation re: challenges at school and at home
  • Consultation re: Special Education
  • Psychoeducational evaluation
  • Identification of learning disabilities


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